Marketing & SEO Specialist

Although Jake's love of storytelling began with too many disposable cameras to count around a rural Iowa farm, everything changed with a DSLR. Then came the day he engaged movie mode on the camera — frolicking horses, Legos, nearly everything was fair game for filming. While studying at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, Jake had the opportunity to learn from some of the best filmmakers in the industry. Fueled by the experience and knowledge, he now focuses on storytelling one video at a time. Jake boasts a successful track record in building brands online and modern marketing techniques.



We're here for more than support. We are here to partner with your brand and grow together. Your success is our success, with an experienced and well-educated crew we will grow your brand together.


Search Engine Optimization is the difference between strong organic impressions and lack luster click-through rates.



Your product is your content. You want to invest in your content, the better it is the more growth you will see.



Knowing your market and knowing how to market are two completely different animals. That's where we come in!


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Senior Post-Production Specialist

Gilberto Cavazos III was born and raised in the heart of South Texas with a passion for the arts. This passion led him to pursue a degree in Film Production from Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida with the hopes of bringing knowledge and creativity back to his home. Gilbert specializes in Video editing and Production audio. He has been editing since 2012 and has won multiple awards at film races with the help of his talented friends. Gilbert has been expanding his editing skills to include documentary and narrative style editing. He hopes to one day use his talents to help and inspire people from all over the world.



Junior Post-Production Specialist

Having grown up on an Island off the coast of North Carolina Hunter has a unique outlook on the world. His experiences shape his work to truly be one of a kind. If there was one word to describe Hunter it would be passion. Passion can not be bought, only earned, and with great passion comes great creativity. Hunter is always looking at the story as if it was an abstract art piece. It's about the emotion it evokes in the viewer, Hunter is the Wassily Kandinsky of editing! Hunter now focuses his skills on telling your story one frame at a time.